3 Reasons Why Homes Don’t Sell (Part 3-Aesthetics)

by Sean Current – Windermere Homes & Estates

“What Is Wrong With This House?”

In this final of three blogs addressing why some homes don’t sell and linger on the market a long time, I wanted to talk about aesthetics, or specific attributes about a home that affect it’s long market time.

de-clutter a home to sell it

A messy or cluttered home can put off home buyers.

Some Things A Seller Can Control: There are some aesthetic issues about a home that a seller can do something about. These include issues like cleaning up a house for showings, de-cluttering the home, especially by removing a lot of items that a room does not need to include, such as miscellaneous decorations or items sitting on tables. It is always good to remove as many personal family photos or decorations from family trips…all things that help create a space in which a buyer can visualize themselves in the home as their own home. Other things a seller can do to help a home sell include fresh paint, removing items from cramped, busy rooms, replacing some appliances, or cleaning up and freshening landscaping.

Some Things A Seller Cannot Control: There are also some issues with some homes that a seller cannot do anything about. These include issues like

location, or an unappealing street or neighborhood. Some architectural styles are dated in the minds of the buyers o out there. Perhaps the home has an unusual layout inside, or is chopped up into too

clean up home to sell

Man clearing leaves from guttering of house

many small, separated spaces. These are all items that a seller

cannot easily address on their own, other than adjusting their price based on the feedback they are getting from the buyers who have viewed their home.

Be Realistic With Yourself And Others: Hopefully a seller who has their home on the market for a longer period will be open and honest to hear the feedback that they might be getting from the buying public. It may surprise them, it may not feel good, they may not agree, but in the end they are doing themselves a disservice if they are not willing to remove the “personal” from the “business” in selling real estate.


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